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– Colombia is known for having the best sourcing of cocaine due to the large coca leave fields in operation and the highest grade laboratories. So product coming out of Colombia is usually the cleanest or of highest quality. Our batches are sourced straight out of Colombia and we sell it directly how it comes in.

– Our bricks come in rock form, no adulterants or cuts, like a fish scale look and oily flake. If your rub the product in your finger, you will see it rubs to clear oil which shows the high purity of this product.

– This is super clean and you will not feel much in your nose when sniffing it because its so pure. No hangovers or come downs after nights out, you could wake up and have a line and operate normally!

– We urge people to take this stuff in small doses as that’s all you need on this stuff. 1 gram of this should last you 3 times longer than a gram off any of your local street dealers.

– Highest grade cocaine there is on the market, absolutely CLEAN, NO CUTS.

– For those of you who know cocaine know that there isn’t much better than this product in Europe or even worldwide its very difficult to source product of such high quality, for new users this will be something new that you maybe haven’t tried before so we urge to take in smaller doses to start.

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Important stuff from – The European Cocaine Authority:

* The instant -power kick- that newbies rave for is usually the cut and it is not the cocaine in itself. Suppliers cut coke with active cuts which enhance the cocaine feeling.. the problem? These cuts are very hazardous for health and leave you with a terrible come down for days after.
* Coke is not always in rock form. In fact, its mostly in powder form. Remember when cocaine is made its a powder its only turned to bricks for transportation.
* With the right processes, acetone or ether smell can be eliminated from the powder without affecting its purity. These are very harmful chemicals for the body and are usual cutting agents.
* Anybody who says their cocaine is more than 91% is lying. If you wash the cocaine and it comes back 0.95g from 1g you can be sure that your shit is full of MAGIC CUT which comes back. Cocaine will always have impurities such as tree leaves, dirt etc so unless its made in a lab. and washed numerous times you can be sure its not above 91%.