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Buy Peruvian Cocaine Online


Our cocaine is never cut and always the flakey pure yay your looking for.

You will always recieve flake/rocks.

All orders sent via First Class.

since covid our transport links have stopped working due to high risk so its really hard to get good quality pure cocaine and when we do its really expensive we will be reasonable with the price of our listings as the prices drop of the kilos so will our prices drop so please be patient we guarantee our product is top notch

Shiny, Creamy, Oily, Smells Good and Clean up the Nose
we pride our self in providing only the best

1 gram of high quality cocaine, from the brick, Quality will talk after all!.
90% pure Colombian Cocaine Brick

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Peruvian Cocaine – GREAT VALUE COCAINE
Introducing our new and improved STRONGER

Peruvian Cocaine. Its is a 60/40 mix 60 being the fish-scale and 40 being BENZOCAINE. This product will normally come on powder form because the fish scale is crushed down from a rock and then mixed with the BENZOCAINE. The product can then be repressed but only for bulk customers. Anything under 100g will be in powder form.

* Perfect for a night out with friends
* Perfect for those who want that higher and lighter coke feel
* This is a much higher grade of social compared to standard social coke.
* We do not mess with the product it comes straight from the source and we only touch it to weigh.


Bardzo czysta kokaina . staram sie zawsze dawac w kamyczkach

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