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High Quality Colombian Cocaine 91%

Pure Cocaine straight from Colombian labs. You’ll get the coke straight from the producers, we tested our coke with testkitplusdotcom and we ALWAYS get 5 stars rating. NEVER CUT OR DILUTED.

We can guarantee you a +95% pure cocaine.
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This is one of the best Colombian Cocaine you can find! Tested at 88,9% purity. No cuts, no fucked up nose and with the best taste. This cocaine is first hand quality, straight from the brick! This is a pure top quality product which will give you a clean euphoric feeling!

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What you see in the photos is exactly what you get.

We’re beating all the competition with competitive pricing and high quality.

The quality we bring provides a strong euphoria that numbs the face completely
along with a very clean drip, and smooth come down.

We try to give as many big chunks as possible.

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We are here to look after the community as well as make some money. This flake is 90% pure and can be washed intro crack without probs.

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