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—90% Ecuador Cocaine FLAKE—

– Our Ecuador comes straight from Colombia which is known to be the cleanest best quality cocaine you can get. We sell it exactly how it comes and it comes from the highest grade laboratories.

– This is the cleanest purest cocaine as our bricks come in rock form with no cuts. When you sniff it you wont feel any harshness as it is the purest form. You also wont feel bad the next day and can go about your normal day feeling no different to usual. We do however suggest to take smaller doses than you may usually take to normal from other dealers as you dont need to consume as much of this product to feel to full effect due to its purity.

-Ecuador , also known asbenzoylmethylecgonine, is an extremely powerful nervous system stimulant. The name cocaine comes from the conjugation of two terms: coca from the tropical coca plant (whose leaves are harvested to manufacture cocaine) and the scientific suffix ine which refers to alkaloid chemical compounds.Cocaine works on the dopamine transporters making dopamine stay on the receptors for a longer time causing a euphoric which makes you feel good, excited more confident, on top of the world.

-Please use drugs for recreational purposes only and know your limits

drugs uk store ensure to give you 5* service and take everything we do seriously to ensure you receive your top quality product on time and in smell and heat proof packaging.

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