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We are now on a new batch of beautiful Bolivian just in time for the big UK reopening.

Bolivian blocks are our specialty product and you can expect a wonderful creeping high, with clean effects and little need to re-dose.

bolivia cocaine for sale online

This is nothing like the sub-standard coke circulating the UK at the moment so please dose with caution!

Bolivian cocaine
+ Flakes Fishscale
+ more than 90% purity
+ Straight from the Brick

We also sell:
MDMA, XTC, 2C-B, Ketamin, Speed, Weed ( kush and haze ), Party Kokain, LSD, koks, cocain, cocaine, coke

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92% High quality Cocaine , off the brick.
I do not touch add or cut my supplies.
Nice shiny Fluffy layers of Fish scale NOT from compressed and cut bricks redone
North of the border.

Cocaine conossieurs must check out this gas.
Super Fuego.This is the cocaine that you need to be like wolf of wallstreets.
Cop this shit and pour it over a bitch ass youll feel like superman.

AP-11 Stamp

New item. Picture speaks for itself. We will update before every new batch. The coke is shinny and has a strong gas nose.
contact us for larger orders. We can fill them and are eager to beat what you are currently paying so long as it is consistent.